Friday, April 17, 2009


So I'm off to Indio for Coachella! Above is my tentative schedule (well the second part of it) via the Coachella application on my phone. I'm not quite sure how all of the features on the app work yet but I think it will all make sense when I'm there.

I would say check back for all of the awesome pics I take but I lost my camera last year and I don't want to risk having that happen again + its a real pain in the ass having to be accountable for my possessions in such an environment (not even gonna wear my glasses... going with contacts). Any pics I take (if any) will be on my phone and I'll prob just upload them on my facebook so you will have to check them out there.

Cant wait to see Paul McCartney!! I hear he mostly performs Beatles songs! (He and Franz Ferdinand (but mostley Paul) are pretty much the reason I'm going on Friday even though I think Saturday's lineup is the best)

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  1. You're a fool if you miss Black Keys.

  2. Saw them! never left that stage... I was right in front... Black Keys > Franz Ferdinand > Morrissey > Sir Paul.. Right in front!!