Saturday, April 18, 2009


The biggest problem I had/have with Coachella was/is the number of IDOTS / DOUCHE BAGS that were/are in attendance. They definitely were not in the majority but their presents was very apparent and seems to be growing over the years at an alarming rate.


This year there were drinking fountains at Coachella that you could use to fill your water bottle which was awesome! The problem was that the lines were super long and the people in the line I was in were idiots. I waited in line for about 40 minutes watching these people trying to fill their water bottles. They were struggling with applying the right amount of water pressure to get the water in their bottle (Fg.1). It was not just one idiot.. Everyone was having this problem.

After 30 or so minutes of watching this, I just couldn't take it!! I had to walk in front of the line and explained to the people to move the bottle to where the water is "falling" rather than trying to have it go into where they were holding their bottle (Fg.2). The crowd responded with simultaneous "ooooh"s.



These are the people who purchased Coachella tickets only to see The Killers, Travis Barker & DJ AM, and Steve Aoki and think they are super cool for doing so. Douche Bags are the ones that push through the crowd, stand directly in front of you, get all up on your grill and think nothing of it. These people are also the ones that break into your car and steal your friends iPod and jacket. They are the cancer that will eventually kill Coachella and the whole "indie scene" for everyone.

Douche Bags.

I do have friends that some might consider Douche Bags and some of them are really nice people (people I could/do have a pleasant conversation with on a regular basis) but are just unaware of how they come across as Idiots (pulling it all together ;)). I understand that they might try to get into performers like DJ AM and Steve Aoki in attempt to be less Douchey. I guess I'm just sorta bitter that we share some somewhat common interests (not a real AM or Aoki fan but they are involved with artist/music/stuff I am interested in) when a small part of the reason I am into what I'm into is to distance myself from Douches and idiots.


  1. Thank you for your informative water to water bottle tutorial. I feel enlightened.

  2. haha this is hilarious! btw, took me the whole "morning" (since we got home at 5am) to sync my music to yer ipod. so just imagine the amount of awesomeness yer going to have =]

  3. That diagram really helps. I think Pete Wentz is kind of cool. Am I a douche or a gay?

  4. Hayden- no prob ;) I think they will need a sign for next year
    Tim- I'm so sorry your shit got stolen. Use that iPod untill you come up on a new one.
    Matt- a gay.

  5. I think its funny that there were google ads (too the left) for real douche bags after this post. Ha ha

  6. This Post was Genius! :-)!!