Monday, February 09, 2009


This years show was the best music award show in a couple years. It was really cool to be able to see performances from Lil' Wayne, Kanye, Justin Timberlake, Adele, M.I.A, Radiohead, and Paul McCartney all in the same room and same night. It seems that FINALLY the Grammys are attempting to be a bit more interesting and are stepping in a responsible direction.

Recent music award shows (esssspecially MTV) really seemed to lack artistic edge. They completely ignore the "indie world" (which really isn't all that indie anymore) and the fact that there are worthy musicians out there that write undeniably better songs than many of the pop artists who actually win the awards.

I think this is where the Oscars and other film award shows sorta have it right. They dont give awards to Good Charlottes and Avenge Seven Folds. Instead they give them to Radioheads and M.I.As.

Also... Watch out for XL Recordings. I think they are going to be a big part of the future of the not so indie indie world.

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